Midvale Industries


Foundry Products

Melting, Molding & Coremaking, Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Midvale Industries prides itself on offering the best foundry products on the market as well as technical knowledge and product training. Our team includes a Corporate Metallurgist and an experienced staff to help you with issues regarding molding & core making sands, addressing PEL silica limits, melting alloying, fluxing, veining, degassing, risers, carbon additives, binders, shrinkage, molding and core making, thermal expansion/contraction, blasting cleaning, grinding, safety equipment, & more.

Our goal is not to just sell our customers supplies and equipment but to show them how to use those products and equipment in an economical, safe, and efficient way. When a Midvale sales representative visits your facility the focus is on the whole production process. They search for bottlenecks, possible waste, and potential safety issues along with regular inspection reports on equipment and consumables. Our team’s goal is to be your company’s personal consultation team on a project.

Melting Department

Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Alloys, Flux (wall cleaning, sludge removal, melt efficiency), Ladles, Carbon Risers, Stopper Rods, Pouring Nozzles, and more

Mold & Coremaking

Green Diamond Sand, Shell Sand, Mini Riser Sleeves, Core Sand Additives, Zircon Sand, Core and Mold Coating, Binders, Mold Sealer, Riser Aids, and more

Cleaning Room

Wheel Blast Equipment, Abrasives, Grinding Wheels, Air Blast Cabinets, Automated Grinding, High Pressure Water Deburring Systems, Blast Rooms, and more

Pumpable Mold Sealer to help prevent run outs. More cost-effective than Traditional Cope Seal We offer Freedom Pumpable Mold Sealer both in 32oz tubes and in drums (drum pump equipment and sealer guns are available) www.midvaleind.com


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