Vulkan Blast Shot


Stainless Steel Abrasive Blasting and Cleaning Products

For over 25 years, Vulkan Blast Shot Technology has been a leading manufacturer/distributor of specialty stainless steel shot and grit abrasives manufactured at their head office in Hattingen, Germany. Along with these patented products, Vulkan also distributes cut wire abrasives of various alloys.

We are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality specialty abrasives as well as free on site technical advice and equipment evaluations. We pride ourselves in our exceptional level customer service from administration to shipping to outside sales and support.

Chronital® is a stainless steel cast shot used for cleaning, deburring, descaling and surface finishing of a wide variety of aluminum, stainless steel and other non ferrous alloy castings and forgings. Ferrous contamination is avoided with a single step blast cleaning process and in most cases, pickling can be eliminated.

Grittal® is an angular and aggressive DUST FREE stainless steel grit, primarily replacing glass beads and aluminum oxide as well as some other mineral abrasives. It is reusable up to fifty times compared to glass beads and aluminum oxide. It minimizes dust and waste disposal, and is applicable for airless blasting as well. This product is available in two different hardness values

Vulkan products are available for direct purchase from our North American head office in Brantford, Ontario Canada, or from our many distributors throughout the United States and Canada.


Non-rusting cast stainless steel shot available in various sizes.


Non-rusting cast stainless steel grit available in various sizes and two hardnesses.


Range of conditioning levels and alloys manufactured to meet industry specifications.


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